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How Long Does Testing Take And What Is It Like?

Most testing sessions last between 2 to 3 hours with the child, depending upon the particular assessment battery being utilized. In most testing situations parents are not present in the testing room with their child. Parents are instead welcome to wait in our waiting room, with many parents choosing to bring in laptops, reading material or personal work to occupy their time while their child is being tested. Parents who wish to “drop off” their child are allowed to do so, provided that the child is comfortable with this arrangement, a parent cell phone number is provided, and the parent is expected to return approximately 20 minutes prior to the anticipated completion time.

In preparing for testing, children and adolescents should be given a good, healthful breakfast or meal prior to the testing session in order to optimize their performance. Children and adolescents should also get a good, restful night’s sleep prior to the testing session in order to optimize their performance. Parents should pack a healthful snack for their child to eat during testing breaks, which will allow him/her to “recharge” his/her batteries during down time. Healthful snacks might include granola bars, apple slices, trail mix, string cheese, etc.

Testing is an effortful process that can sometimes feel quite taxing. As such, parents should expect that their child might feel drained after participating in comprehensive gifted testing. Some children may wish to take a nap after testing, while others may feel the need to be active and expend energy. Parents should do their best to accommodate their child’s unique wishes after testing. All children should also be complemented and recognized for their cooperation and participation in the gifted testing process.